Vape Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

by Aaron Cadena on Dec 07, 2020

Vape Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Like anything else in this modern world, the best way to get optimal performance out of your vape is to keep it clean. Most high-quality vape juices are formulated so as to leave very little residue behind, however, over time the residue that does accumulate and will gunk up your machine. When this happens, you get poor performance from the heating element and unpleasant flavor. Some of the darker flavorings are notorious for coating coils with blackened residue. But even if you prefer the more savory flavors, you can still keep your vape clean and sparky by following a few simple steps.

Vape Tank Maintenance

Vape Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

The interior of your vape tank is where most of the action happens. It contains your coil, juice, posts, and at least a connection to the electrical element. Keeping this part of your vape machine clean will be the most important part of keeping your device in good condition.

How to Clean a Vape Tank

There are two ways to clean your tank. You can give it a simple rinsing, or you can give it a deep cleaning. Rinsing is quick and easy, but you should do a deep clean at least once a month.

Set up a bowl with warm water and a clean, dry towel. Dissolving a few drops of soap in the water or lemon juice will make the job easier, but is not necessary. Detach the tank from the unit and wash any remaining juice away. Disassemble the tank completely and drop all of the components into the tank after removing the fabric wick. Wash all of the components, dry them, and let them stand on the towel to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

For a deep clean, use rubbing alcohol or non-flavored vodka to soak the components of your tank, Dab a clean, smooth cloth in the alcohol until it is only damp, not wet, and use it to wipe down the exterior of your vape machine.

How Often Should You Clean Your Vape Tank?

The most complete answer to this question is that it depends on how much you use your vape. Most people can get away with cleaning the tank every two weeks to once a month. For best results, you will want to learn to judge the cleanliness of your tank and coils by the flavor of the vape. When it starts to taste dark or burned, you should clean it. But ideally, you want to clean it before that happens, which may take some experience.

How to Refill Your Tank with E-Liquid

Most vape tanks feature an opening that is plugged with a rubber stopper. Remove the rubber stopper and “inject” the juice through the hole using the injector nozzle on the juice bottle. If your tank does not have a fill port, you may need to remove the mouthpiece and pour the juice in through the opening. Check the owner’s manual that came with your vape machine for details.

Why Does My Tank Vape Leak?

A lot of people ask, "Why does my vape leak?" E-juice will leak if the tank is not firmly attached, is not properly assembled, or if it is cracked. If any screw-on parts are not threaded properly, it will also leak. If your vape has become damaged from impact or improper storage, it will leak. Also, if the rubber seals are not installed, not installed properly, or are damaged, then vape leaking is inevitable.

Vape Coil Maintenance

Vape Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Care and maintenance for your coils is a little more involved. Some replaceable heads and coils are inexpensive and will last about two weeks on average. They contain a tank, coils (or similar heating element), mouthpiece, and an electrical contact point. Using coils that wrap around metal posts is usually less expensive, but takes a little bit of work. Be sure not to overtighten any screw-on parts of a replaceable head.

How to Clean Vape Coils

You can clean a coil using the simple soak and rinse method. Soak the coil in vinegar or ethanol for two to three hours. Then run it under the tap to rinse it. Then rinse it with distilled water to remove any minerals or other contaminants. Blow through the open side until the coil is dry inside and out and let it stand on a clean, dry towel. If you're wondering how to fix a burnt coil, this method, with a light scouring should do the job.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

If you clean it regularly, a good coil can last for months. But if thorough cleaning is too much work, then you can expect it to last for two weeks to a month of regular use.

How to Prime a Vape Coil

A primed coil will give you a nice, smooth toke. The suction method is the fastest way to prime a coil. Do this by closing the vent and gently suck through the mouthpiece without powering on the unit. Alternatively, you can wait for it to prime naturally, or use the drumming method- which is a bit risky.

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Burnt juice flavor is a normal consequence of using a vape machine. It simply means that residues from the juice have built up on the coil and are “over-cooking.” You can avoid this with regular cleaning. Again, knowing your vape machine and your juice of choice is the best way to keep the burnt flavor from becoming overpowering.

Vape Device Maintenance

Vape Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Your vape device should be pretty low maintenance. But if you treat it poorly, it will break down prematurely. In the worst-case scenario, abusing it can cause the lithium batteries to leak or explode. Buying quality batteries, cleaning, and proper storage will prevent this 99.9% of the time.

How to Clean a Vape Device

To clean your device should be simple. First, take care of your tank, as this is the most common way for your device to become gunked up with sticky juice. To clean it, remove the batteries. Then gently mist a clean and firm cloth with rubbing alcohol. A lens-cleaning cloth may be best. Then wipe down the exterior gently, being careful not to let the liquid get into the device. Clean the battery compartment (if necessary) with a dry, clean cotton swab.

How Often Should You Clean Your Device?

Clean your device any time it feels sticky on the outside or gets dirty, wet, or has been in an excessively dusty environment. A quality device should be well sealed against contaminants, but that isn’t a license to abuse it.

How to Properly Store Your Device

Your vape device should come with a well-fitting box that is ideal for storage. A soft cloth cinch-bag is a good option. Try not to let it tip over, especially for long periods. Always take care when traveling with it since it is fairly easy to crack a tank or break a seal.

As you will see after you run through these steps and get to know your vape machine inside and out, cleaning it isn’t very difficult. If the electronics get contaminated by escaped juice or other corrosive elements, then you might be sunk. But as long as you keep it clean and store it properly, this is unlikely to happen. As the technology develops, we will strive to keep you informed on best care and maintenance practices. So stay tuned!

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