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Juice Head Pouches

Introducing the world's first Fruit-Forward Nicotine Pouches–Juice Head Pouches! Made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine® (ZTN), Juice Head Pouches are available in two nicotine strengths (6mg and 12mg) and 5 signature flavors: Watermelon Strawberry Mint, Mango Strawberry Mint, Raspberry Lemonade Mint, Peach Pineapple Mint, and Blueberry Lemon Mint. Enjoy smoke-free, discreet, flavorful nicotine satisfaction anytime, anywhere with Juice Head Pouches!

What are nicotine pouches?

What are Nicotine Pouches | Juice Head

A nicotine pouch is a small pouch filled with either natural or synthetic nicotine. For example, Juice Head Pouches are made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine® (ZTN®). 

The pouch is designed to be placed in between your upper or lower lip and gums and slowly releases the nicotine. Unlike other smokeless tobacco products like dip or snus, the nicotine-delivering agent stays within the pouch and the pouch doesn’t require you to bite on the pouch or chew on it in order to release the nicotine.

While most nicotine pouches are available in variety of mint flavors, Juice Head Pouches are available in 5 fruit-forward mint flavors–Blueberry Lemon Mint, Mango Strawberry Mint, Peach Pineapple Mint, Raspberry Lemonade Mint, and Watermelon Strawberry Mint (and yes, they taste absolutely amazing!)

Nicotine pouches have quickly gained traction as a popular option for people looking to drop a smoking habit or simply take advantage of nicotine without smoking or vaping.

What are nicotine pouches made with?

There are primarily two types of nicotine pouches: tobacco-free nicotine pouches and traditional nicotine pouches. As the names suggest, tobacco-free nicotine pouches are made with synthetic, non-tobacco nicotine, while traditional nicotine pouches are made with tobacco-free nicotine.

Beyond the nicotine, nicotine pouches may contain other ingredients like:

  • Sweeteners
  • Flavoring additives
  • Plant-based materials
  • Bicarbonate Sodium

Here is a full list of ingredients used in Juice Head Pouches:

Cellulose, Non-Tobacco Nicotine, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Alginate, Flavoring, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Acesulfame Potassium, and Sucralose.

How to Use Juice Head Pouches

How to Use Nicotine Pouches

As a hands-free, smokeless oral nicotine product, Juice Head Pouches are truly simple to use:

  1. Take out one pouch from the can
  2. Slip the pouch in your mouth between your lip and gums
  3. Keep the pouch in place while the nicotine is delivered

When you first put the pouch in your mouth, the area will start to feel a bit tingly and warm. This sensation is perfectly normal and only means the nicotine is working. 

Once that sensation subsides, you can simply remove the pouch and throw it away. You can keep the pouch in your mouth for just a few minutes or up to an hour, depending on how much nicotine you want and how long the pouch lasts. Be sure not to swallow the pouch when you are finished.

Advantages of Nicotine Pouches

Advantages of Nicotine Pouches | Juice Head

Nicotine pouches come along with quite a few benefits, especially if you use tobacco-free options like Juice Head Pouches. However, both tobacco-based and tobacco-free nicotine pouches have clear advantages compared to smoking, such as:

  • No smoke involved - Smoke in itself comes along with certain health risks and respiratory problems due to inhaling the toxins in the smoke like carbon monoxide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • No fire, no ash, and no mess - With nicotine pouches, you don't have to worry about lighting up or dealing with messy ashes. Likewise, because there is no combustion, you won't face risks simply because you didn't extinguish a cigarette well.
  • No smell - Smoking is notoriously smelly, and the smell can be difficult to remove from your clothing, furniture, or vehicle. Pouches are smoke-free and won't leave a lingering odor in your home, car, or clothing.
  • Discreet and convenient - You can use a pouch without anyone realizing you are using nicotine and no need for a lighter. When you have a craving, simply slip a pouch in between your lip and gum and enjoy the effects.
  • Zero Tobacco Nicotine Pouches, like Juice Head Pouches, do not contain any tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), which are thought to be some of the most potent carcinogens in tobacco products.

What is Zero Tobacco Nicotine (ZTN)?

Tobacco-derived nicotine is derived from various parts of the tobacco plant, including but not limited to the leaf, roots, and stem. Synthetic nicotine, on the other hand, is completely synthesized within a certified laboratory.

On a molecular level, synthetic nicotine and tobacco-based nicotine exhibit the exact same chemical structure; however, it is not derived from tobacco and does not contain any tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs).

As a pure form of nicotine, ZTN® may offer higher nicotine satisfaction with potentially less risk than tobacco-derived nicotine. In addition, while tobacco nicotine often features a strong pungent odor and taste, synthetic nicotine is virtually tasteless and odorless.

On a final note, it is important to note that tobacco cultivation (which is commonly very subsidized) can be very damaging to the environment and is often a process that is highly labor-intensive, cumbersome, and wasteful.

As a nicotine compound that is non-tobacco-derived, we believe Zero Tobacco Nicotine® should be able to provide a much-needed solution.

Can Nicotine Pouches Help You Quit Smoking?

Can Nicotine Pouches Help You Quit Smoking?

When it comes to quitting smoking, there is a wide range of options to help you do so and Juice Head Pouches are here to help you quit tobacco, beat tobacco dependence, and enjoy true nicotine freedom. 

As a smoke-free way to continue using nicotine, we believe our nicotine pouches offer a great alternative to combustible tobacco products and may help people quit smoking but results may vary. In addition, our pouches are free of tobacco and offer an alternative to smokeless tobacco products like chew, dip, and snus.

Juice Head Pouches FAQs

What is the Shelf Life of Juice Head Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches do have an expiration date to pay attention to. Both tobacco-free nicotine pouches and nicotine pouches with tobacco do have a shelf life that determines how long the pouches stay fresh to use. Most options will be good for up to a year; however, be sure to keep your pouches in a cool environment to prevent degradation.

How strong are Juice Head Pouches?

Juice Head Pouches are available in two Zero Tobacco Nicotine strengths: 6mg and 12mg. While our 6mg option is intended for the average nicotine user, our 12mg offer increased nicotine for users who enjoy more nicotine.

How many nicotine pouches come in a can of Juice Head Pouches?

Each can of Juice Head Pouches contains 20 white nicotine pouches.

Do nicotine pouches cause side effects?

Nicotine pouches don't usually cause side effects when used properly. However, there may be side effects associated with overuse, such as nausea or sore mouth. Some people also experience hiccups when using nicotine pouches. It should be noted that tobacco-derived nicotine may come along with more risks of side effects than pouches made without tobacco.

How many nicotine pouches do you need?

It is best to use only one nicotine pouch at a time, even if you are transitioning from being a heavy smoker. Likewise, it is a good idea to use only one pouch in a certain time frame and give your mouth a break between uses.

How old do you have to be to buy Juice Head Pouches?

In the United States, you must be at least 21 years old to use Juice Head Pouches. If you are under the age of 21 or know someone under the age of 21 has purchased Juice Head Pouches, please submit a Youth Prevention Report here.

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Juice Head Pouches

Whether you are trying to snuff out a smoking or vaping habit or simply want a more discreet way to enjoy nicotine, Juice Head Pouches are a great opton. Explore our wide selection of premium fruit-forward mint back flavors and find the perfect flavor for you:

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