Should You Vape on a Bad Coil?

by Aaron Cadena on Jan 29, 2021

Should You Vape on a Bad Coil?

Eventually in your vape sessions, you might get a dry hit or a scorched taste in your mouth due to a coil spoiled. A lot of vapers have experienced this and will unanimously agree that it's one of the worst things to ever taste. However, vapers are cash conscious folk and will attempt to get as much use out of a coil as possible, even if it means suffering through a coil till you know it's time to alter it. Is it hazardous to continue utilizing a coil that's gone bad? We really found a post on Reddit that answered this question, together with several others in concerns to using a coil past its prime. Let's start with why your coil might have gone bad.

What Causes a Vape Coil to Go Bad?

A coil can go bad for any number of reasons. While you can prevent some of them, there are some circumstances where a bad coil is just something you learn to deal with.

  • The main reason your coil can go bad is due to defective manufacturing. Considering that coils are usually hand-made, the possibility for human error will constantly exist. Once in a while, even devices mess up every. You need to reach out to the shop or website you bought it from if you discover that your coil has come malfunctioning. They can either swap out the malfunctioning item or refund you your money. In either case, they'll most likely desire the defective coil back with the whole pack, so you'll need to keep the pack of coils (faulty and working ones) to return.
  • Some e-liquids like dessert tastes and other sweet tastes have a thick consistency that can clog the coils and make it impossible for e-juice to pass through. The blocked coils will build up gunk that ultimately burns the coil and renders it ineffective.
  • The very same is true for e-juice that is watery and too thin. For fruit and other sweet e-liquids, if the consistency is too liquidy, the cotton can't take in the e-juice quick enough. The coil ends up getting scorched since it's dry and now you can't take a single hit without tasting that awful scorched flavor, or worse, getting a dry hit that sends you into a coughing fit.
  • Lastly, the coil just be at the end of its usage period. Nothing lasts forever, and that definitely applies for coils.

You can see from this list that many of these factors are avoidable, while some are just luck of the draw. As time progresses, you'll get more of a feel as to which reasons apply to you and which ones to watch out for.

How to Maximize Your Coil's Lifetime

There are a couple of things you can do to keep your coil from spoiling. Some of them need extremely little effort, while others require you to keep track and even purchase cleaners to keep your coil working for as long as possible. Vaping has a lot of learning curves, and coil maintenance is one discovering curve that few vapers want to go through.

  • Wash out your tank when you change tastes. Rinsing out your tank can eliminate the old e-juice from contaminating the new e-juice if you understand a particular e-liquid is excessively sweet or thick. Approved, there's going to be leftover e-juice in the coil, which brings us to our next prevention approach.
  • Clean your coil sporadically, utilizing vodka, precious jewelry, or water cleaners. We've discussed in a previous article how to clean your vape coil to extend its helpful life. Some users swear by these methods, whereas others claim they don't operate at all. The longer you utilize a coil without cleaning it, the less efficient this technique will be.
  • Invest in a coil cleaning maker. Essentially this is a machine that quickly and easily cleans your coils (yes these actually exist and they're awesome!). There are a lot of great options available.
  • Take note of when you first started using the coil. This may seem a bit tedious, however keeping a record of when you initially started using the coil, which juices you used over what amount of time, and when you noticed the coil beginning to spoil can greatly help you pinpoint what might be killing your coil. This approach isn't for everybody, however it can provide insight on when to anticipate your coil to go bad and why.

If My Coil is Bad, Should I Stop Using It?

Vaping on a bad coil will eventually result in an acidic, burnt taste. Usually, this taste is so unpleasant that it completely ruins your hit.

Once you notice that foul taste, you should stop vaping on that coil. Sure you can get some use out of it or avoid changing it because you're lazy, but it’s not worth it.

While an accidental hit off a worn-out coil won’t do lasting harm, if you push a coil past its lifespan and the vape begins to burn the coil, you may be exposing yourself to heavy metals.

Safe yourself the trouble and just buy a new of coils.

Closing Thoughts

It does not take a genius to determine that vaping with a scorched coil is revolting and unpleasant. Now we have some info on why we should not be trying to squeeze out the life of a single coil. Much like with e-liquid flavors being subjective to the user, coil use and longevity are the sole obligation of the vaper. Things like e-liquid type, taste, company, along with coil quality, frequency of usage, and upkeep all affect how long your coil will last. When the FDA launches an official declaration, we'll have more concrete evidence and hopefully a similar response to what we've blogged about now. Until then, ensure to practice considerate and safe vaping habits.

Thanks for joining us! Was this article helpful or do you have any questions? Reach out to us in the comments!

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