5 Advantages of Nicotine Free Vape Juice

by Aaron Cadena on Dec 16, 2020

5 Advantages of Nicotine Free Vape Juice

Vaping has been growing sharply in popularity for at least ten years now, and for good reason. It's a popular alternative to smoking, it can be less expensive than smoking, there's a wide variety of flavor options–and the list goes on!

Plus, one of the great advantages of vaping vs smoking tobacco is that you can avoid the harmful effects of nicotine by vaping a nicotine free vape juice.

Yes, nicotine free e liquids are actually a thing! But what is a nicotine free vape juice and do they offer any advantages?

In today's guide, we will cover the answer to these questions and more.

What is Nicotine Free Vape Juice?

As the name suggests, nicotine free vape juice is vape liquid that does not contain any nicotine at all. It’s not a fraction of a percent nicotine juice, it is 0mg vape juice or 0 Nicotine Vape Juice. That means you can indulge your habit and enjoy vaping without quitting entirely.

If you plan to ween yourself off nicotine completely, then 0mg vape juice makes this possible without having to give up vaping altogether! To make it easier, some vapers opt to transition from 6mg nicotine vape juice, to 3mg, and then to 0mg.

5 Advantages of Nicotine Free Vape Juice

1. All the Flavor Without the Toxicity of Nicotine

As mentioned above, vaping juices are usually very flavor-centric, and they come in a wide variety of flavors. A lot of people enjoy smoking for the flavor, as well as for the comfort of having something to do with their hands in social settings. Nicotine free vaping gives you flavor and something to do with your hands without the negative effects of nicotine.

Nicotine comes with a long list of possible side effects according to, including:

Heart palpitations and irregularities

  • Dizziness

  • Headache

  • Nervousness

  • Irritability

  • Blurred vision

  • Muscle weakness

  • Nausea

Most of these side effects are rare or are unlikely to occur outside of excessive use. Most of the well-known dangers of smoking are generally associated with nicotine, though non-tobacco nicotine consumption is likely to be far less dangerous.

With nicotine free vape juice, you are unlikely to experience any of these effects.

2. Enjoy Vaping without the Risk of Nicotine Addiction

As you know, nicotine is addictive. Our neurons contain receptors for the drug, which enable it to have an effect on our biology. With continued use, these receptors increase in number. When that happens, cravings increase, resulting in the formation of a habit or an addiction.

Nicotine free vaping lets you enjoy the flavor without the drawbacks associated with addiction. Best of all, when your vape machine is out of commission, or your favorite juice isn’t available, you won’t get irritable. Take our word for it, your roommates will thank you!

3. Take a Nicotine Detox and Still Enjoy Your Vape

If you’re a fan of the Joe Rogan podcast, then you know the benefits of taking a “Sober October.” It’s a time to give your body a break from any less than 100% healthy foods or substances. It can be just as good for you to take a nicotine detox break along with any other things you might want to clean out of your system.

Imagine how much easier it will be to do this with nicotine free e-juice. You’re far more likely to be successful whether you’re quitting nicotine completely, or just giving your body a break from it.

4. A Sugar-Free Way to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Most vape juices come in sweet flavors like strawberry, apple, or something more indulgent. If you have a love-hate relationship with sugary desserts, then vaping something sweet can be an excellent way to give your sugar habit the slip.

Vaping won’t exactly curb your craving for sweets, since it doesn’t put sugar into your system. But it can be a valuable distraction from sweet snacking, and it can definitely provide relief from an emotional dependence on sugary treats.

5. Nicotine-free Vapes Are Often Smoother

One of the most common complaints about vaping is the “pops,” the harsh toking, and the rough flavors of some vape juices. This is mostly found in the more smoky-type flavors like coffee and tobacco vape juices. But nicotine is a major contributor to the rough feeling you sometimes get on inhalation. With time, the smoother toking of nicotine free juice just might be enough to turn you off nicotine vaping for good.

If you’re looking to give nicotine the boot, vaping can be a marvelous help in that endeavor. We want our patrons to be healthy and energetic. After all, it’s better for business! Visit us again for the latest in vaping news and tech, and to get access to the best and coolest new products.

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Thanks for joining us today and reading our latest guide! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.
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