JUICE HEAD ZTN SALTS - Mango Strawberry 30ML


A satisfying blend of the juiciest strawberries and perfectly ripened mango in premium nicotine salt strengths (35mg and 50mg)! Enjoy premium, industry-leading flavor with our popular Mango Strawberry FREEZE Salts e-liquid. Made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine (ZTN®).

How To Buy

Due to the high demand for our E-Liquid and Disposable Vape products from our distributors and retailers, we have decided to suspend online ordering at this time. Below, we've included our store locator to assist you in finding our E-Liquid and Disposable products. We are continuously adding new retailers, but if you don't see your preferred store listed, please request it by filling out our retailer request form. If you're interested in purchasing our Juice Head Pouches, you can find them at pouches.juicehead.co.

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